You deserve a Leader who Listens.

Gary will focus on Mason District's priorities.

A New Direction for Fairfax County

Gary Aiken for Mason District Supervisor

Time for Change in Mason.

Enough is Enough.

It's time to end "Penny"-wise, pound foolish policies and "Gross"-mismanagement. Enough is enough.

After 24 years . . .


My name is Gary Aiken. We've been neighbors for 16 years.  Brooke and I send our two boys to Fairfax County Public Schools.  We both have full time jobs and a full slate of after school/work activities.  Running for office is something I've thought about.  I was never sure it was the right thing to do for my family.

That changed when hate crimes hit the Jewish Community Center and the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Mason District.  That changed when the Board lost focus on affordable taxes and our spending priorities.  I have the required skills to be Supervisor.  I have a responsibility to step up.

Our taxes have risen 17% in the past three years.  Development in Mason District has been mismanaged for the past 24 years.  Leaders are not taking care of our lakes, parks, and streams.

I've been listening to you and I'm asking you to trust me to lead.  I'm a creative problems solver.  I'm a Chief Risk Officer.  I've been involved in big projects that transformed neighborhoods.  I've helped individuals achieve their financial goals.

I'm the voice you need as your representative to the Board of Supervisors.  You need a Supervisor who LISTENS and ACTS to BENEFIT OUR COMMUNITY.

It's what I've done my whole life.  That's who I am.  Please vote for me on November 5.

Check out the Calendar and Join Us.

Gary's Perspective - Mason District and Our County

The Issues

Mason District
You want a Supervisor who will focus on the issues that affect our neighborhoods, our streets, our quality of life.
Our County
Let’s be bold about solutions to big County problems. Transportation. Taxes.
After 24 years, your chance to vote for change is November 5.

Change is Coming

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Gary's Going to Clean Up
Cathy E.
I appreciated you going around and looking at the neighborhood and especially the downed signs. I wish the bus shelters in Culmore apartments and Culmore Shopping Center would be cleaned up and repaired. I am often tempted to go over there with my goo-gone and windex and get to work cleaning off the windows on them. I am very aware and concerned about the amount of litter everywhere around my neighborhood, I would like to see do not litter signs or volunteer trash pickup days or having garbage cans around the bus stops and street corners...there is so much litter. Good luck to you and thank you for caring about Mason District.

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