Meet Gary


Gary fights for his community. 

While President of Sherwood High School, Gary led a county-wide student, teacher and parent campaign.  The School Board wanted to bus students in an experiment called “Controlled Choice” instead of doing the harder work of drawing new boundaries for a new high school.  Gary’s side won the day and distinct communities were preserved.

Gary advances your right to feel safe. 

Gary served as Chair of the Residence Halls Committee in student government at the University of Maryland.  His number one goal was to lobby the administration for “blue light” kiosks all over campus to light dark areas and provided a direct dial to campus police in an emergency.  The university agreed because female students have a right to feel safe on campus.

Gary wants your interests to be heard. 

Gary founded the Part Time MBA Student Association at The George Washington University.  No student association existed to advance the interests of students who held down full-time jobs while earning an MBA at night.  Gary’s class overwhelmingly elected him – trusting him to lead and set a strong foundation for the future.


Gary knows what he’s talking about.

No stories, just the facts.  Major decisions impact the lives of real people.  Citizens trust Gary to provide expert, balanced advice on issues that involve millions and sometimes billions of dollars.

Gary cares.

Gary proudly serves on the School Board for the Ivymount School.  Ivymount serves the needs of children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders and their families.  Gary knows what an honor and awesome responsibility it is to expertly provide oversight.  Teachers, administrators, and parents agree that Gary advocates for them and provides crucial oversight so everyone can win.

Gary’s got a stake in the future of Fairfax.

Gary lives in Mason District with his wife, Brooke, and their two boys, Emmett and Tyler.  He prays and performs community charity work with Olam Tikvah synagogue’s Men’s Club.  He also enjoys playing golf and music with his family – and going to Peking Gourmet (Duck and Szechuan Beef Proper!).  After 15 years of living in Baileys, Falls Church, and Fairfax, Gary wants a Fairfax County that will provide his family and yours with economic opportunity, great schools, and safety.

6920B Bradlick Shopping Center, Suite 612, Annandale, VA 22003
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