Supervisor Aiken Moves Governance Into the 21st Century

Using the Mason Map

Your Problem
Supervisor Aiken enables you to interact with the map of Mason. Put your issue on the map! You can drill down to the house level. No matter how big, no matter how small, you pay taxes and should get some answers.
My Action
Your request will automatically generate a "ticket" that will be assigned immediately to a County staff member. You will get immediate feedback along the way via text, email, or your preferred communication method.
Our Solution
Supervisor Aiken will review a list of outstanding items that are past due. If it's not resolved fast, there's a problem and Supervisor Aiken will make sure your concerns are not only heard, but resolved.

I’m LISTENING to your concerns. I’ve mapped your issues in OUR DISTRICT.
Click your neighborhood to see how I will take action to address your concerns.

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