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League of Women Voters Debate October 17, 2019 Woodrow Wilson Library  

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Remarks Delivered by Gary Aiken September 29, 2019 Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Alexandria/Falls Church, VA   My name is Gary Aiken.  I’m a Candidate for Mason District Supervisor.  The election is on November

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Gary Aiken appeared on the Larry O'Connor show to set the record straight.  The previous day, Larry had read the summary results of the ACLU People Power Questionnaire on Supervisor candidates' opinions on

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The Beastie Boys released this awesome album with the tune Sabotage in 1994 (just before Penny Gross became your Mason District Supervisor).  While, I've encountered many people who say that constituent services is

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CNBC just rated Virginia #1 for business, which is terrific. They must not have noticed Mason District. Mason District is home to startling vacancy, including 50% in the office buildings at Skyline. After

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GARY AIKEN, CANDIDATE FOR MASON DISTRICT SUPERVISOR, SENDS MESSAGE ON PROTECTING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM [caption id="attachment_1211" align="alignright" width="300"] Eric Rozenman, Communications Consultant for the Jewish Policy Center and Mary Tanzer, Campaign Operations, Aiken For

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July 4, 2019.  Annandale, Mason District.  Fairfax County, Virginia. Happy Independence Day The colony of Virginia was home to so many great patriots.  We are fortunate to live among their statues and monuments. 

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Mason is an Oasis A voter on Hatton Court in Bailey's said that to me this week.  It's true.  Mason District is an oasis inside the beltway of great neighborhoods.  She re minded

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I couldn't be here, running for Supervisor, as the man I am today without the support of teachers along the way. Mrs. Clark in the first grade taught me to love reading and

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PRESS RELEASE: Fairfax County Balances the FY2020 Budget on the Backs of Mason District Residents. Annandale, VA. May 8, 2019. For Immediate Release Supervisor Penny Gross once again failed to prioritize Mason District’s

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