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October 25, 2019 maryforgary 0 Comments

Gary-Lake Barcroft Civic Affairs Mtg, Oct 22, 2019 (1) - Copy

Gary Aiken joined the “stars” who came out to play at Belvedere on Tuesday night when the Lake Barcroft Association held its Fall Civic Affairs Meeting.  The Association conducted a full and informative agenda.



There were the local elected representatives; there was Penny Gross, 24-year Mason Gary-Lake Barcroft Civic Affairs Mtg, Oct 22, 2019 (6) - CopyDistrict Supervisor, who shared her accomplishments and future plans that would benefit the community, like the pop-up park on Columbia Pike, and building the new homeless shelter in the location planned for Baileys Town Center.  Penny was asking to be reelected for four more years.

Sandy Evans, Mason District Representative on the Fairfax County School Board, was there.  Sandy said she was honored to have served for the last ten years, and she is now leaving the board, recognizing there is still a lot more work to do, like renaming schools and ensuring equity through bussing.  Sandy thanked Ricardy Anderson for coming onto the FCSB to carry on the good work.  Kaye Kory talked about trying to get things done at the Virginia House of Delegates, and Dick Saslaw talked about getting things through the Virginia State Senate.  He mentioned the carbon foot print, gun control, health care, education, among other topics, also saying there’s lots of things to be done.  Gerry Connolly of the U.S. House of Representatives, recalled his start in the neighborhood.

Candidates for elected offices also were on the agenda.  Ricardy Anderson, running for FCPS School Board, shared how she came to be a candidate.  Tom Pafford, also running for FCPS School Board, talked about his view of social engineering being attempted by certain moves the FCPS School Board is initiating.  Jonathan Fahey, candidate for Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney, talked about reasons he got into the race.  Kaye Kory spoke on behalf of Steve Descano, also running for Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Gary-Lake Barcroft Civic Affairs Mtg, Oct 22, 2019 (14) - Copy - Copy

Gary Aiken, candidate for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Mason District, talked about what he would do that would positively affect the neighborhood.

He talked about revitalization, safety and security including environmental security.  He described his career and skill set that he would bring, including strategic planning, risk management, investing, real estate development, lending and accounting.  He declared there have been plans and plans and plans in Mason District and little execution.

He said that after the 24-year reign of the current incumbent, it’s time for a change and new leadership.  He said people are leaving Mason District because it is not the Mason District that we all know it can be.  He said we need new leadership that would get things done that would reinvigorate Mason District and bring about the prosperity that we all know is possible.  He asked the folks to vote for change on November 5 and vote for Gary Aiken.  His remarks drew a loud round of applause.


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