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At Mason Farmers Market, Gary Aiken, Mason District Supervisor candidate, was asked Gary-Farmers Market, Sept 26, 2019 (2)the “Question of the Day:” “Am I being listened to?”  Apparently not, because at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board approved huge plans for Fairview Park and the INOVA Center of Personalized Health…a great thing for our economy and for our County.

“However”, Gary said, “What they didn’t do is just as important.  They didn’t consider environmental impact of the development on streams and lakes in Mason District.  They didn’t consider any of the impact of traffic on Mason District residents from Camelot to Annandale.”  He said, “Gallows Road narrows to two lanes as it goes into Mason District.  Woodburn hasn’t been paved in years, and traffic is only going to get worse with over 10,000 new parking spaces added.”

Gary said, “Traffic was determined to be studied after [AFTER] they approved the plan!”  Gary believes that should be turned on its head and promised to do so when he becomes Supervisor of Mason District.  He said, “We’ll do traffic studies before we approve major developments.”  Gary emphasized the importance of getting planning done correctly; otherwise, we’ll continue to have sprawl, we’ll continue to have traffic, and we’ll continue to  have a deteriorating quality of life in Mason District.

In order for Mason District to have the change it needs, Gary Aiken needs your vote on November 5th.  Early voting has already begun.  For more information about Gary’s platform, go to


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