Ill Communication

September 16, 2019 Gary Aiken 0 Comments

The Beastie Boys released this awesome album with the tune Sabotage in 1994 (just before Penny Gross became your Mason District Supervisor).  While, I’ve encountered many people who say that constituent services is something she does well, I’ve encountered many more stories declaring that the Supervisor just doesn’t listen.

This week I received a distressed call from a supporter being harassed for having a political sign for one of the school board candidates.  I also received an email about someone who went swimming in Lake Barcroft with their child – they didn’t know about the sewage dump in the Lake.  Finally, I heard from another citizen about waiting over a year to hear word about a safety issue in their back yard.

You deserve better communication from your Supervisor.  I will aim to ensure that:

  • Calls are logged into a system and assigned a primary Point of Contact immediately;
  • I will personally review a list of constituent calls weekly that will list the date received, the POC, what actions we’ve taken, and the last contact with the constituent.
  • We will elevate issues quickly that require multiple levels of government.

During the Financial Crisis, one of the exacerbating factors was that departments of large institutions weren’t talking to each other.  They didn’t know what risks they were taking or how much.  Between County agencies, state agencies, federal agencies, non profit groups, civic associations, and you, there are many ways to drop the ball.  I will focus on how we effectively communicate and take action for you.

But first, in the words of the Beasties on “License to Ill"… “You’ve gotta fight!" [to get me elected!].

See you on the trail.

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