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September 14, 2019 maryforgary 0 Comments

At Farmers Market, a voter asks Gary Aiken, candidate for Mason District Supervisor, the Gary-Farmers Market, Sept 12, 2019 - Copy - Copy“question of the day.”  What is the “Comprehensive Plan,” and why should we care?

Gary responded that the Comprehensive Plan, overall, is the Fairfax County plan that determines what can be built where, what roads are going to support that infrastructure, and where the parks, government buildings, houses and businesses are going to be built.

Why should we care?  Gary says: “Because the comprehensive plan determines how successful a city or town is going to be.  In Mason District, our plan is divided into smaller area plans that take years to put together; area plans for Lincolnia, Baileys Crossroads, Annandale and Seven Corners.  It’s all about planning and execution.  Not only has our planning been poor, but our execution has been poor.   It’s time for revitalization – and that’s why I’m running!  I want to get things moving and moving in the right direction!  I want progress, not stagnation, for Mason District.”

In Gary’s business career, he has been involved in major revitalization projects that have been huge for supporting communities and also for bringing new businesses and residents into a community.   Gary promises, “ I want to do this for Mason District: I want to improve those downtown areas so that our homes continue to appreciate, and that means more money for schools, more money for the county, and maybe, even lower taxes in the long run.”

We say, let’s not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but doesn’t make any progress.  Let’s not get stuck on the “ready, set, (and never go), of the current administration. It’s time for results, it’s time to deliver, it’s time for right priorities, it’s time for change in Mason District.  Gary Aiken is that change.  If you agree, go to www.garyaiken.org and join the Winning Aiken Team!  Gary needs your help, he needs your support.  Then, vote November 5 for Gary Aiken, Mason District Supervisor.  Early, in-person absentee voting starts October 17 at the Mason Government Center.  Let’s win together!


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