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September 5, 2019 maryforgary 0 Comments

At Farmers Market, inquiring minds asked the Question of the Day:  “What is a District Supervisor???”

Gary Aiken, candidate for Mason District Supervisor, and with whom shoppers come out to meet and share their concerns, explained the role this way.

Gary-Farmers Market-Sept 5, 2019 (6)

He said, “A district supervisor is your representative to the issues of Fairfax County.  Supervisors set taxes for the county, for businesses, for personal property like your cars, and for real property like your house.

With that money, supervisors fund police, fire, social services, schools, parks, libraries… .  Supervisors also approve the comprehensive plan which dictates what can be built, where it can be built, and what roads will be sufficient to serve the needs of the community.

A supervisor’s job is to make sure your voice is heard on all of these issues.

The Board of Supervisors’ job is to make sure that a certain level of services is provided to county residents.  Each of the nine supervisors should, theoretically, be providing for the needs of their district.  That is why you need a strong supervisor to ensure that the other districts do not take resources that could be used in your district.

When I am your Mason District Supervisor, I will fight for the best possible position on the Board that benefits the citizens and residents who live here and want to make Mason District their home.”

For more about Gary’s platform on all the issues facing Mason District and Fairfax Gary-Farmers Market-Sept 5, 2019 (2)County, go to www.garyaiken.org.  Then, on November 5, vote Gary Aiken for Mason District Supervisor to ensure your best possible interests are secured.

Can’t wait for November 5?  Early, in-person absentee voting starts Oct. 17 at the Mason Government Center.

Winning with Gary Aiken!!!

6920B Bradlick Shopping Center, Suite 612, Annandale, VA 22003 aikeninmason@gmail.com
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