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Open Mason for Business

CNBC just rated Virginia #1 for business, which is terrific. They must not have noticed Mason District. Mason District is home to startling vacancy, including 50% in the office buildings at Skyline. After 24 years, it’s time for a change in Mason.

I’ve been spreading my message of how I plan to be a pro-business, pro-development Supervisor for Mason District. Sometimes that message of Pro-development makes residents nervous. That’s understandable. For 24 years, pro development in Mason Distinct has meant for the benefit of Supervisor Gross and her contributors and sometimes at the expense of our community.

My version is a well defined pro growth strategy. Preserve our great neighborhoods. Focus development in our Opportunity Zones. Transform vacant lots and underutilized, strangely shaped parcels into walkable, mixed use centers. Businesses and residents who can afford to live inside the beltway… close to the city.

I’m excited to share some of my vision for A New Direction for Mason District. I look forward to telling you more soon and to listening to your thoughts on how to keep what’s great about our community intact and transform what’s not working into something beautiful and productive.

6920B Bradlick Shopping Center, Suite 612, Annandale, VA 22003 aikeninmason@gmail.com
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