Mason is an Oasis.

Mason is an Oasis

A voter on Hatton Court in Bailey’s said that to me this week.  It’s true.  Mason District is an oasis inside the beltway of great neighborhoods.  She re

minded me that it won’t be that way if we don’t protect it.  Rising tax burdens and poorly-rated, overcrowded schools impact housing values.  That’s what a voter in Glen Forest told me when he talked about improving his home – it didn’t make financial sense.  The improvements he was considering wouldn’t increase the value of his home!  That reminded me of the citizens in Walnut Hill near Fairview Park – who told a similar story.

From the East to the South to the West of Mason District, the same story.  Twenty-four years of neglect has led to blight that impairs value in a part of Fairfax County that should be amongst the most sought after.

Twenty-four years is a long time for any one person to be in office.  “Continuity” is nice.  But continuity for its own sake is just as bad as change for change’s sake.

Mason voters should vote for a Fresh Perspective and New Direction.  “Continuity” here means more stagnation and steeper decline.

Change in Mason means turning to a responsible, seasoned business-minded person who listens to the community and acts as their representative on the Board of Supervisors.  

I’m excited to represent that kind of positive change for Mason.  I hope you’ll trust me to listen and lead.



Gary Aiken
Candidate for Mason District Supervisor

P.S. Our June 30 Funding Deadline is approaching quickly.  Your donation of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, or even $15 is greatly appreciated!


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