Gary Appreciates Teachers

I couldn’t be here, running for Supervisor, as the man I am today without the support of teachers along the way.

  • Mrs. Clark in the first grade taught me to love reading and encouraged me to be my boisterous self, the “Cashell Cowboy”.
  • Mrs. Rosenthal in the third grade promised me she’d show up to my inauguration as POTUS.  I promised wheelchairs for my teachers.  We also had no homework because the Redskins kept winning!
  • Mrs. McDonald in the fifth grade encouraged creativity and writing.
  • Mr. Perminter and Mr. Joyce in seventh grade showed me the importance of history and humility.
  • Mr. Lang allowed an eighth grade boy (me) to lead eighth grade girls’ chorus (a real treat!)
  • Bernie Freiland wanted me to be a chemist.
  • Guillermo Gonzales laughed at me when running for SGA president I used the infinitive “correr” which is literally “to run.”
  • Joe Reiff (band), Eugene Orndorff (photography) and Bill Evans (chorus) trust me to be in charge of the music at our high school’s Rock N Roll Revival.
  • Prof. John Shea made macroeconomics enjoyable.
  • Prof. Maureen Cropper was rigorous as she taught econometrics.
  • In business school, Leo Moerson taught business law simply and effectively.  Neil Cohen took a personal interest in personal finance and took me on as a teaching assistant for medical students.  Paul Swiercz taught applied leadership and organization and encouraged us MBA’s on as “the Jesuits of Capitalism”.

I know I’ve left so many out.  These people shaped my world view.  They shaped my values.  The encouraged me when I needed encouragement.  They forced me to work harder when I needed to.

To all the teachers – to my sons’ teachers in FCPS – keep up the great work.  You are appreciated.


P.S. I went through my yearbooks and I’m clean!

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