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Meet and Support Gary at the Bailey Crossroads Candidate Forum!

I had the great opportunity to address the Lincoln Society on Wednesday, March 12.  The Lincoln Society are a group of Republicans who are residents at the Goodwin House in Baileys Crossroads.  The Goodwin House is a tremendous senior facility.  They asked me to speak about solutions for Mason District.  I touted the three planks of my campaign.  I look forward to making these and other points at the Baileys Crossroads Revitalization Corporation (BC7RC) Candidate Forum on Monday, March 18.

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EVENT ON MARCH 18 AT 7:00PM at the Moose Lodge 5710 Scoville Street, Falls Church, VA 22041.

If you can join us please submit your name and email:

Economic Growth. A rising tide lifts all boats.  President Kennedy popularized this phrase.  It aptly describes the results of a free, capitalist system.  Mason District has missed the tide for over two decades.  Mason has taken land for projects it doesn’t need.  Mason has proposed improper land uses that hinder property value.   Builders in Mason must navigate over 22 different government agencies to start a project.  Mason’s Supervisor changes her mind about zoning and land use too often.  Exceptions become the rule.  That’s a tough business environment for an entrepreneur investing in Mason or a banker making a loan in Mason.  Owners must know the business environment is friendly, the rules are stable, and that the future is optimistic.  We need to address shortfalls in public transportation.  We also must embrace a future where technology may take cars off the road for us.  Government cannot lead the way – government must set the ground rules, let business owners grow, and let markets work.

Safety and Security.  Mason District is a majority minority district.  We are a district full of recent immigrants.  We are a district with schools like Glasgow MS where over 80 languages are spoken.  We are the host of Mosques, the Jewish Community Center, and a churches of every denomination and tradition.  To that end, we need more police officers to be feet on the street.  The Gang Task Force has been strong thanks to Republican Supervisors.  Now our officers must win the peace. That means being present at schools and community events; being in neighborhoods and on ball fields.  This cannot be done from afar, it must be done in person and with personality.  Our great officers need to be in the community to remind the people that the police are there to protect and defend.  And to remind the criminal and the hateful, that Mason District is going to be safe for everyone – the poor, the immigrant, the elderly – for all of us.

Budget Reform.  Why are citizens leaving Mason?  Taxes are too high.  Why are young families not moving into Mason?  The schools don’t support housing values.  What do these things have in common?  The budget.  Fairfax County continues to spend money as if money is the answer.  It is not.  We spend $300 million a year to support underfunded pension programs.  That’s enough to build a new school every year.  The 2020 Budget adds 109 new positions across the county government, and that doesn’t even include the schools.  We must scrutinize and audit the success of every program. Programs that don’t deliver should be reinvented so that they deliver on the original intent.

What do these problems have in common?  The solution is new leadership.  After 24 years, it’s time for a change.  A New Direction for Mason and Fairfax.

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