Time for Change in Mason District

October 16, 2017 Gary Aiken 0 Comments

Greetings fellow citizens in Mason District and Fairfax County.  My name is Gary Aiken and I’m running for Mason District Supervisor.

You and I have most likely not met before.  I’ve lived in Fairfax County for the past 15 years – first in Mason, then in Providence, and now in Mason again.  I’ve bought two homes in Fairfax County.  My wife and I raise our two children here.  We send them to Fairfax County Public Schools.  We love living here.

In my day job, I’m responsible for knowing what risks my company is taking, whether financial risks, operational risks, reputational risk, or otherwise.  I’m running for Supervisor because the Fairfax County we love is at risk.

Fairfax County is becoming less wealthy; less of a desired destination.  It’s not doing enough to encourage young families to stay here, especially inside the Beltway – in Mason District.  Our schools are old and overcrowded.  Our firefighters, police officers and teachers can’t afford to live here.  Hate crimes have plagued churches and the JCC in Mason.  While there’s growth from Tysons to Dulles, Mason District declines.

This didn’t happen overnight or by accident.  Over two decades of “Penny”-wise, pound foolish policies and “Gross”-mismanagement on the Board of Supervisors led us here.  It’s time to change that.  Enough is enough.

I’m a Republican.  That doesn’t endear me to many citizens in Fairfax County.  The fight for the future of Fairfax County isn’t Democrat vs Republican though.  It’s a question of whether the “old” leaders who created the current Fairfax are still the right ones to lead us into Fairfax’s future.  Many Supervisors decided to step aside and let a new generation of leaders step forward.  Penny Gross is clinging to her power and position.  It’s time for A New Direction for Fairfax County.  I’m Gary Aiken and I hope to win your vote in November 2019.

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